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Aging In A Great Place


Most people look forward to retirement as a time of independence, filled with travel, hobbies, and grandchildren. But sometimes debilitating or chronic illness threaten that dream. That’s where Providence ElderPlace at Rainier Vista comes in.

Providence ElderPlace is an innovative program of health care and services, known as PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly). The goal is to keep low-income seniors independent, active, and healthy as long as possible by providing a wide range of health and social services.

The program is housed on the street level of a brand-new four-story building at Rainier Vista, which will also include Gamelin House, a 77-unit apartment complex for low-income adults age 62 and older. “Although Gamelin House is independent living, it is designed to accommodate aging in place,” explained Daniel Smerken, the developer of the building. “We hope that residents can benefit from the services that ElderPlace provides should they ever need them.”

Doctors, personal care assistants, social workers, and physical therapists provide seniors with services such as medical care, a day health program, social services, rehabilitation, and, if necessary, housing. While visiting ElderPlace, seniors can obtain medications, participate in recreation activities and enjoy lunch with friends. Currently, approximately 230 seniors participate in ElderPlace which serves Seattle and King County. The new facilities at Rainier Vista could double that number.

A sign of a healthy community is that it empowers all of its citizens — regardless of age, gender, income, education or ability — to participate fully, respecting differences and encouraging dialogues. Providence ElderPlace is just one more example of how Rainier Vista is making the dream of a truly interconnected community a reality.